Frequently Asked Questions

We endeavour to deliver all of our printing jobs as soon as possible. If you are in an urgent rush for printing we generally will need your document before 10am and you will need to make sure you let us know it is urgent.

Please make sure you specify in your instructions all of your information to allow us to print your document quicker, this includes:

  • how many copies do you want?
  • Colour or Black and White?
  • Double sided or single sided printing

If you have any specific requirements on sizes or paper stock you will also need to let us know.

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We can print to these paper sizes:

A5: 148 X 210mm (A4 paper cut in half 2 per page)
A4: 210 X 297 mm
A3: 420 X 297 mm
SRA3: 450 X 320 mm
Large format printing
A2: 420 X 594mm
A1: 594X 841mm

We can setup files (setup charge) for any number of items that will fit to any of these paper sizes or we can quote should you have alternate sizing. Please discuss with us how best to setup your file.

To save your file in word as a pdf, if will vary slightly depending on what program you are using

in Microsoft Word you can click on the Office button (in the top left) and find “Save As” when you highlight over that you should have an option PDF.


Our service fee is $2.50 and is applied to printing services for documents received on email or brought in on USB.
This fee covers our time, running of computers and jumping out of our schedule to attend your needs. This fee is the same if you are printing 5 pages or 50pages (as long as they are from the one document) in the one email. We are a small business that provides personalised service to our customers, this fee helps us continue to provide this service. Regular customers wishing to regularly print can become one of our VIP customers for a discounted rate.

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Yes, please bring in your USB and we can print to our printer.*
*Service Fee applies

You aren’t able to print directly to our printer, however, you can email us your files from your phone or computer and we can print this for you. Please email us your file and remember to give us your requirements and we can get this done for you.* Service Fee applies

Category: Services

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