Do you need a website but don’t know where to start?


Or perhaps you  are you overwhelmed with where to go with your  Facebook, Instagram & marketing – All the digital stuff? 


Or perhaps you have no idea where to start but you just need to start with something!

Would you just like someone to sit down with you and discuss all this with you in plain speak so you can come way with an understanding, some tips and perhaps even a plan so you no longer feel overwhelmed trying to do it all? 

We are here to help.  Our sessions are currently operating on video  via Zoom link

Our digital discovery session (45mins) will help you sort through the “digital stuff” (in plain speak ) and you will come away with understanding and clarity, so that you can move forward  in your business on marketing in print or online in 2020.

This is an obligation FREE session. The session is completely tailored to YOU on whichever subject you may need help with.
You will sit down with our experienced designer / digital guru to ask all the questions you need the answers to and make sense of it all.
On the day will take notes and we will forward you a report within a couple of day of the things we have discussed.

Customers have left these session feeling less overwhelmed and more in control of all the digital stuff!

Limited spaces & times available.

Appointment Times

Our available appointment times are Wednesday, Thursday & Friday between 9.30am & 3pm. 
If you require an alternative appointment time please let us know of suitable times that work for you. Due to Covid19 we currently prefer virtual meetings via Zoom. However, we do understand that this isn’t always best for all circumstances – JUST ASK 🙂

To book in click the button below you can then schedule your appointment time and will be directed to answer a few short questions before our session :