Book a Time with our Designer

We encourage people to BOOK A TIME to speak with our designer so that we can best allocate time for you.

Customers are encouraged to book a time to discuss:

  • How best to setup your file for printing (if you are creating your own file) – this way we can advise on getting the best value for money for your printing and also so that your file will work best with our printer.
  • Information regarding designs for flyers, business cards, logos
  • If you require multiple jobs for your business that require a more indepth conversation

We have in-store a bunch of information sheets you are welcome to come in and pickup for general information and also pricing sheets on prices.


BOOK 15min & 45min appointments

We have both 15min appointments as well as a 45min appointment (1st one is FREE which we call a discovery session). Appointment times are Wednesdays, Thursdays and Fridays between 9am and 3pm.

Please click a button below to book your appointment time, you will be directed to a calendar booking system to choose your times.

15min Appointments

This appointment is best for:  discussing file setups, design options and best ways to get value for printing or for consultations about photo retouching.

45min Appointments

We offer 1 FREE 45min discovery session which is customised to your needs. Find out more information on our discovery session page.