Choosing A Driving Instructor: 6 Considerations

Because a student is only as good as their teacher, choosing a driving instructor is important. You’re putting your trust (and money) in this person, so they should be good. Here’s how to find the right driving instructor.

How To Pick An Instructor?

Google will show you many local driving instructors. But don’t just pick the first name that comes up. Some teachers are great, while others aren’t. We’ve compiled 6 tips for choosing a driving instructor.

1. Is Your Teacher Certified?

Find an approved driving instructor to ensure quality instruction (ADI). Your instructor has the latest knowledge and skills to help you pass and become a safe driver.

A potential driving instructor is a cheaper option (PDI). PDIs are ADI trainees. After passing theory, hazard perception, and driving ability, they can charge for lessons. However, PDIs have failed their instructional ability test. The best driving instructors have a lot of experience, so if you can afford it, get a fully qualified ADI.

2. Are They Reputable?

Asking friends who they used beats Google searches. Reputation takes time and work. If you’ve heard good things about an instructor, they’ve probably helped many students pass.

Do you know anyone learning to drive or who recently passed? Ask them about their driving instructor. Read reviews if you’re the first of your friends to learn to drive. Best driving instructors have many positive reviews.

3. Where Are They Headquartered?

In a larger town or city, you may have a lot of driving instructor options. Rural residents have fewer options. If you can’t find a good instructor, try another town or village. Your personality and learning style may be better suited to them.

4. Best Instructor Car?

Want an automatic or manual license? If you plan to drive a manual car after passing your test, choose an instructor with that transmission.

Do you know what car you’ll get when you pass your test? If so, find an instructor with a similar car. So you can get used to your car before driving alone. For this reason, instructors use popular first cars.

5. Lessons Cost

Unavoidable. Driving is expensive. Driving lessons cost an hour, depending on location and instructor. Concerned about driving school costs? We have budget-friendly driving tips.

Research discounts and introductory offers. Buying a block of lessons is often cheaper than paying per lesson, but make sure you’ve had at least one with your instructor before committing.

Remember that hiring a cheap instructor does not guarantee you will save money. A bad driving instructor could cost you more if you need more lessons or retake your test. Invest in a qualified, experienced driving instructor.

6. Is It A Sym

Not that your driving instructor has to be your best friend. Learning to drive is difficult, so you need a driving instructor who is patient, supportive, and knowledgeable. Before committing to a block of lessons, take one to get to know the instructor, their teaching style, and their car.

How To Interview A Driving Instructor

When choosing a driving instructor, make sure they can meet your needs. Here are questions to help you decide:

  • ADI or PDI?
  • What’s your teaching experience?
  • How many weekly lessons do you suggest?
  • Can you change lesson times?
  • How long do your students take to pass?
  • Do you offer block lessons?
  • Do you know the local driving test routes?
  • Will I be driving the same car for every lesson and for my test?

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