Soy Wax Candles: The Benefits

The scent and aroma of candles should not be the only thing you consider when shopping. Many different types of waxes can be used to make candles. Each wax has different properties which affect its performance. You can make candles from soy wax or palm wax. This is just one of the secrets that make our products stand out from others.

What Is Soy Wax?

Soy wax, a 100% natural wax made from vegetable soybeans, is an organic product. The beans are then cracked, cleaned and de-hulled before being rolled into flakes. The flakes are then used to extract soybean oil and the remaining flakes are used as animal feed.

Paraffin wax is one of the most well-known candle waxes because it’s cheap. However, this wax is made differently. Paraffin wax results from the oil purification process. It can be made from petroleum, coal or oil shale. Paraffin wax is formed when the oily substance in crude oil is removed.

Why Choose Soy Wax?

Soy wax is made of renewable and environmentally-friendly resources, whereas traditional paraffin wax is made with petroleum and is not renewable. Soy wax bulk buy is more sustainable than other types of candle wax. It also burns faster than paraffin wax which means that your candle will last longer. Soy wax candles burn cleaner and produce less black soot than other candles. Soy wax is an excellent candle carrier and does not need chemical amplifiers. This results in a candle that is true to its scent.

The Aussie Candle Supplies Soy Wax Candles

The candles at The Aussie Candle Supplies are all made from soy wax. You probably now understand why. You may see slight variations in soy wax throughout the year as it is a natural product. You may notice the wax being very soft when it is solid, but hard during melting. Sometimes, the wax will melt so clear and transparent that it appears translucent. Other times, it might melt and appear a little cloudy. This is all normal and to be expected when buying a soy candle.

Organic Wax Is The Best Choice For Soy And Rapeseed Wax: It’s sustainable and of high quality. This is why organic wax is our favourite.

Soy Is Clean-Burning: It’s simple. Paraffin has 90% more soot than soy, which reduces indoor air pollution. It won’t damage your walls. Paraffin candles emit gases that can stain walls and cause damage to paint. They can also be found in upholstery fabrics and carpets, which can affect the air quality of your home.

Soy Can Be Sustainable: Soybeans are an environmentally friendly, sustainable and renewable resource.

Soy Has A Longer Burn Time: Beeswax candles and soy wax have the longest burn times. Although both waxes cost more, they are also more durable.

Soy Wax Isn’t As Hot: When it burns, soy wax does not get as hot as other waxes. It won’t cause any burns if you get it on your skin. It is safer for children and adults who are clumsy.

A Better Scent Experience: Because the wax melts at a lower temperature, there is a smaller pool of wax around the wick. This wax pool allows fragrance oils to evaporate more quickly, releasing more fragrance into your home.

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