Mistakes common to rug measuring and how to avoid them

Since 1983, we’ve been making custom rugs. We will measure the area to determine the ideal size rug for the client. A custom rugs with logo in an area will bring warmth, texture and color into any room. Your choice can be made even more difficult by the large number of rugs and other carpets that are readily available. When looking for area rug, it is essential that you know the exact room it will be used. You might also have a preferred design and color in place. I will bet you that the dimensions, measurements, placement and design of your new rug might all be a little fuzzy.

It is possible for your rug to lose its shine due to poor placement.

This guide will help you measure your hallway, bedroom, stairs, and dining room rug. These are the most common mistakes in rug measurement and how they can be avoided.

Common rug mistakes

Ignorance isn’t bliss. It’s embarrassing. The following mistakes can be avoided if you don’t want your area rug to make your room and decor look messy.

Living room & dining room rug measuring faux pas

The dining area is just as good for an area rugs as any other room. This applies only if the rug is large enough to accommodate the dining table. Many people make the fatal mistake of purchasing a dining room rug that is too small to allow the dining table to be removed when the rug is pulled back. As a result, guests will find themselves sitting at an awkward angle.

Furthermore, the chairs can rub against the rug’s edges and cause damage. There are options to prevent this from happening, regardless of whether your rectangular, oval or round dining table is.

How do you avoid this false step? To prevent this situation from happening, measure the table when the table is closed. Then, push the chairs up towards the table. You will need to measure 18 inches between each back chair leg. This is the minimum measurement for a rug. You can always add more, if your space allows. Also, the room has more space towards the sides than it does toward its ends. The sides and ends are not required to be equal. Add more space to the sides if there is enough.

It is easy to see if the rug is too small for your living space. A good rug should frame all furniture in the room, including tables and chairs.

An area rug that is too small or mismatched can make a room seem smaller. A mismatched or undersized area rug will make the room appear smaller and more awkward than it is.

Common bedroom runner measurement mistakes

It is not only a bad look for your bedroom, but it also affects your comfort. If your rug is not long enough to reach your bed, you are likely hiding it underneath your bed for dust mites. Also, you’re walking on the floor, which can defeat the rug’s purpose.

How to avoid this faux step do not extend the rug beyond your night stands. The rug can be placed anywhere between the head and the foot of the bed. A rug can also be used under furniture. Keep in mind the magnitudes of the space.

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